A family swimming pool is something that everyone, especially children, can enjoy together. Swimming is not only enjoyable, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Furthermore, a pool can serve as a setting for valuable family time and socialising with friends and neighbours. However, there is the possibility of unintended accidents in the vicinity of swimming pools. It is possible to experience an incident such as slipping, tripping, or falling at any time. There are a variety of precautions that can be taken around swimming pools. Swimming pool safety should be taught to children from an early age, and following pool regulations can assist in reducing the number of pool accidents.

Australian pool fencing laws in Queensland were implemented in response to the need for increased safety and monitoring of swimming pools. These regulations are part of the pool safety requirements in Queensland. Because children, particularly those under the age of five, were becoming increasingly vulnerable to these safety concerns, deaths in swimming pools and significant immersion injuries in pools have been a component of Queensland’s safety data for some time. Australian pool fencing regulations mandate that all existing and new pools be constructed following the regulations, whether shared or private.

Pool safety regulations in Australia

  • It is a legal requirement to register your pool with the local council.
  • A safety barrier is required whenever a pool or spa is more profound than 30cm (300mm). Inflatable pools are included in this category.
  • The pool enclosure must be surrounded by a barrier of at least 1200mm in height, a Australian pool fencing or a wall.
  • Fences and gates must have a bottom no higher than 100mm from the ground.
  • The vertical rails cannot be more than 100mm apart if horizontal rails are more than 900mm apart.
  • The gate must not be propped open, so it opens away from the pool.
  • From any position, the gate must automatically close and latch.
  • There must be a gate latch 1400mm above the top of a horizontal railing and at least 1500mm above the ground. If the gate latch is not on the outside of the fence, it must be installed inside.
  • There must be at least 900mm of the distance between climbable objects and the fence on the outside.
  • The inside of the pool fence cannot have any non-climbable objects within 300mm.
  • The CPR sign must be prominently displayed in the pool area.
  • Pool access must not be through the house. The windows surrounding the pool cannot be opened more than 100mm or must have screens or locks.
  • Pool safety certificates must be obtained before a property is sold, leased or rented with a pool.

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