The type of pool fence that pool owners should install is a difficult choice. The temptation might be to purchase the first Australian pool fencing they see on the market, but some issues need to be considered carefully. A glass pool fence and an aluminium pool fence are the most popular choices for pool fencing today. These two materials differ greatly. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we will explain the differences between glass and aluminium pool fences to help pool owners decide what is best for their pool.


One of the main factors to consider when selecting Australian pool fencing is durability. Many people doubt glass pool fences as they believe they will break. You are unlikely to break the glass panels of a glass pool fence because of its durability. In addition, if it breaks, the pieces won’t be sharp. Aside from being lightweight, aluminium is also incredibly durable and long-lasting. This makes it resistant to weather conditions. Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion and rust.

Overall Appearance

While many people think that glass pool fences look the best when it comes to aesthetics, the maintenance is painful. You can add sophistication to your landscaping by adding a pergola, allowing views of your swimming pool to be unobstructed. Glass pool fences are a good option if you want to display the beauty of your swimming pool. On the other hand, aluminium pool fences have a classy appearance that compliments any landscaping style. However, the fact that it is made up of vertical tubes means that it may have barriers that prevent your pool from being seen. You can powder coat aluminium pool fencing in any colour you want. You will still be able to match the house’s colour to the pool fence.

The introduction of Pool Perf perforated fencing means that not only can you match your homes architecture but you can also get magnificent transparancy. The views are just like glass and in most instances better given the fact that even if the fence is a little dirty the visabolity of the same, if there were glass you would see through the smudges.


It is enough to wipe the glass panels of the glass pool fence with a clean cloth and a standard glass cleaner. Still, each swim will leave a residue on the glass panels. Therefore, you must clean it every time to avoid large amounts of accumulation. Glass pool fences need to be cleaned depending on how dirty they are and the surrounding environmental conditions. Owners who don’t want to deal with ongoing maintenance are more likely to prefer aluminium pool fences. Moreover, powder-coated panels are non-rusting and will not fade over time.


Since most children struggle to climb the slippery glass panels of glass pool fencing, it has proven child-safe. Access to the pool can only be gained through the gate. In contrast, aluminium pool fences are only problematic due to their design. It can be used as a foothold for climbing because it has vertical tubular bars. For this reason, safety regulations for pool fences should be followed to ensure they are child-safe.

If you are still looking for your ideal Australian pool fencing, the glass fence and aluminium fence are excellent choices. It is clear from the comparison mentioned above that it will always come down to how you feel it’s best for your pool, regardless of which you choose. Choosing the right Australian pool fencing will always come down to your personal preferences. The glass pool fence is a more aesthetic choice if you value the aesthetic appeal of your property. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more affordable, an aluminium pool fencing by Poolperf Australia may be the best choice.

Why is Aluminum fencing better than Glass?

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